Here’s what some of our initial readers are saying about the book:

"High praise for Maureen Broderick and for The Art of Managing Professional Services.  Maureen has bridged from the principles to the pragmatic in exploring the key drivers of firm success.  In so doing, her analysis reflects the lessons of many – both in successes and failures – and presents a thorough compendium for today's and tomorrow's leaders.  This analysis gives leaders a leg up in competing on the global landscape."
James Turley, Chairman and CEO, Ernst & Young

“Too many business books take 300 pages to do no more than espouse one or two theories. This work is not like that. There is a lot here and I think anyone involved in the management of a professional service firm will find real value here.”
David Childs, Global Managing Partner, Clifford Chance

“In contrast to manufacturing companies which are identified by their output, professional service firms are defined by their essence – their leadership, culture, and values. Maureen Broderick brings shape and clarity to the vital, but abstract, essence of professional service firms, and she insightfully captures what makes them successful.”
Ralph Shrader, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Booz Allen Hamilton

“Broderick’s book is filled with best practices that will help all kinds of companies – whether they are professional service firms or not – meet the challenges of doing business in the 21st century.”
Ray Kotcher, Senior Partner and Chairman, Ketchum

"This comprehensive overview of best practices from some of the world's leading professional service firms should resonate with leaders and managers at these institutions."
Eric Friedman, Executive Partner, Skadden, Arps

“Maureen Broderick offers a comprehensive and insightful look at the professional service discipline by zeroing in on one key question: ‘What do the best firms do?’”
Jim Quigley, Senior Partner, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited

“Leading and managing professional service firms is more art than science.  It is an arena where judgment, intuition, energy, a thick skin and keeping balance at all times are critical factors for success – particularly given the unusually high intellect, super-sized egos and mobility of those whom you lead, most often at their discretion.  Of all the books I have read on the professional service industry, Maureen Broderick has best captured the very essence of those best practices which have enabled some of the industry’s most successful firms to prosper and grow.”
Joe Griesedieck, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Korn/Ferry International

“This book provides invaluable insight into what makes professional service firms successful. It will change every person into a better leader. Plus it provides real life examples that are fun to read.”
Ed Nusbaum, CEO, Grant Thornton International Limited

“By uncovering the various paths to success that these diverse professional service firms have taken, the reader develops his or her own ideas on how to navigate the professional service terrain. The Art of Managing Professional Services is a valuable source for these insights into firm strategies.”
Evan Chesler, Chairman, Cravath, Swaine & Moore

“This is a book about entrepreneurial leadership…looking under the hood of the ‘best in class’ professional service firms’ vision and culture.  The book captures what makes service organizations tick as successful global leaders.  The takeaways are fantastic!”
Andy Cohen, Executive Director, Gensler

“Edelman enhanced its quality program to help manage the company’s rapid diversification and globalization. Maureen Broderick’s insights into building high performance firms would have made our transition smoother and faster.”
Richard Edelman, President and CEO, Edelman

“Broderick’s research has revealed the views and practices of some of the world’s top professional firms, presented in an easily absorbed style. Very informative.”
David Maister, author of Managing the Professional Service Firm and Strategy and the Fat Smoker

“Maureen Broderick’s book, The Art of Managing Professional Services provides a valuable contribution to the very limited body of knowledge on managing professional service firms.  These firms are simply very different than other corporate structures and successfully managing them requires a very different approach.  Maureen’s insights from her research and interviews provide a very useful understanding of the subtleties of managing these institutions.”
Bob Dell, Global Chair and Managing Partner, Latham & Watkins

“Maureen Broderick distills the art of firm management into clear, concise practices through candid insight and perspective from leaders of the world’s most prestigious firms.  Every professional service partner—and aspiring partner—should read this book.” 
Paul Laudicina, Chairman of the Board, A.T. Kearney

"Broderick delivers more valuable insights per page than any business book that I have read in recent memory."
Geoff Smart, Chairman & CEO of ghSMART and co-author of the New York Times Bestseller "Who: The A Method for Hiring".

“I wish I had had Maureen Broderick's new book when I co-founded Peppercom 15 years ago. It's quite simply the best 'how to' book on the subject of managing a professional service firm I've ever read and should be mandatory reading for the leaders of today and tomorrow."
Steve Cody, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Peppercom

"One only needs to read this book to realize that managing a professional service firm is very much an art, if not a science, worthy of its own special study and examination."
Mike Goss, Managing Director, Bain Capital