“Too many business books take 300 pages to do no more than espouse one or two theories. This work is not like that. There is a lot here and I think anyone involved in the management of a professional service firm will find real value here.”

David Childs, Global Managing Partner, Clifford Chance

The Art of Managing
Professional Services

Insights from Leaders of the World’s Top Firms

The Art of Managing Professional Services is one of the most comprehensive, research-based guides to firm management ever written for the industry. Based on more than 130 in-depth interviews with leaders of the world’s top firms, the book offers practical, proven best practices on how to tackle the ten critical areas that firm leaders must monitor to build and maintain a strong organization: vision, values and culture; people; clients; services; finance; positioning; partnership; strategy; structure; and leadership style.

Key takeaways include:

  • How to create and maintain a shared vision, values and culture
  • Best programs to recruit, train and retain great people
  • Strategies to develop and manage a profitable portfolio of clients
  • What it takes to innovate services and share knowledge
  • The key metrics to monitor financial health
  • Insights into effective positioning, marketing and selling
    firm services
  • Proven practices for rewarding and managing the partnership
  • A guide to both long-term and annual strategic planning
  • Balancing structure and governance in a
    consensus-driven organization
  • Secrets for leading “incredibly smart and independent people”